August 17, 1999. Highwinds Trading Company ( is
pleased to release SecurePass (1.5), the archiving system for passwords
and other security keys that uses modern encryption and cryptography.

SecurePass is designed for the user who accesses secure network services or
who deals with multiple passwords and keys that are difficult to secure,
memorize, use, change, or keep track of.

Download SecurePass
via FTP at, or
via “EmailFTP” at

Version 1.5 is a major upgrade, not only fixing bugs, but adding new
features that make it easy to keep your passwords safe and ready at a
moment’s notice. The download is a 90 day full-featured shareware demo.
Registration is $15. Secure payment is included with the program.

The purpose of SecurePass is:

a. To give the user maximum password and passkey security, in a flexible
and simple environment where one memorizes just one password and has direct
access to web browsers, email programs, ftp clients, and telnet clients.

b. To allow the user to store security keys on the local disk rather than
remove them to a “more secure” place (which is rarely as secure as one
might imagine). SecurePass allows multiple users to store their individual
keys on a shared computer without compromising their separate privacy.

c. To provide incentives for the user to use longer and more complex
passwords (inherently more secure). This includes tools that build random
keys automatically and that transfer (paste) them directly to the entry
field where they are required.

d. To allow multiple keys to be stored for any secured service, meaning
that the user can change them more often without forgetting them.

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