P R E S S R E P O R T from August 17, 1999

New Release – Omikron Basic 6.32 from 16 August 1999

The new version of Omikron Basic is characterized by additional BASIC
commands and new procedures and functions for the Extension Library.
Furthermore, the MBASIC compatibility was significantly improved as well so
that it is now possible to transfer old MBASIC programs to Omikron Basic
with just a few manual adjustments.

A complete overview over all changes can be found at

A FREE DEMO VERSION can be downloaded from http://www.berkhan.com/demo_e.htm.

Or download the demo file directly by pointing your browser at:
http://www.berkhan.com/files/ombas6ef.sit (2650 KB)

All registered users can UPDATE FREE OF CHARGE via our Web site:

– More Information about Omikron Basic is available at http://www.berkhan.com

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