Men & Mice is pleased to announce the release of version 1.5 of DNS Expert
for Windows and Mac OS, now with integrated Ping, Traceroute and DNS Query

* The Ping statistics can be viewed graphically, with a histogram and
advanced logging information.

* Traceroute executes a user-defined number of traceroutes, averages those
traceroutes and presents the data as a scatterplot graphic with high, low
and average values.

* The DNS Query function can return all of the information pertinent to the
host, including A Records, NS Records, MX Records, CNAME, SOA, HINFO, PTR
Record and Zone Transfers.

DNS Expert 1.5 now comes in two editions, Standard and Professional. The
upgrade to the Standard Edition is FREE for current users of the Lite
version of DNS Expert and the upgrade to the Professional Edition is FREE
for current users of the multi-domain version of DNS Expert.

To upgrade from previous versions, you can download at
( The new version will use your previous DNS
Expert settings. We recommend that you upgrade to the 1.5 version now.

Happy DNSing!

The Men & Mice Staff