Salinas, CA Casady & Greene announces today the release of their new
product Speed Startup.

Start up you Mac in record time with Speed Startup from Casady &
Greene. Do you hate the time you waste while your computer starts up?
Then you must get Speed Startup written by Jeffrey Robin author of
the award winning Conflict Catcher 8 and published by Casady &
Greene! You dont have to learn or configure anything; just install
Speed Startup, and youll get immediate control of your Mac.

Speed Startup Accelerates the startup process by intelligently pre
loading the information needed during startup, and the windows will
open snappier by speeding up the Finders zoom animation. We all know
that PowerBooks in particular take their own sweet time during
startup. Now with Speed Startup that time has been reduced
significantly! We have seen a savings of over 45 seconds (192mb RAM)
on a PowerBook G3/300!

Did you know that you will spend 90 hours of your life doing nothing
but starting up your machine? With Speed Startup you can eliminate
all that wasted time.
Speed Startup is now available as an electronic only download from
Casady & Greene at and all Online re
sellers for only $19.95, so buy today!