Casady & Greene has a free update from Conflict Catcher 8.0.4 to
8.0.5. just in time for the release of Mac OS 8.6.

When Apple announces a New Operating System Casady & Greene is always
one step ahead. So dont install Mac OS 8.6 without Conflict Catcher
8.0.5. Conflict Catchers Clean-Install System Merge allows you to
cleanly install the latest Macintosh operations system and retain
your previously installed system files and preferences. This will
allow you to easily update to Mac OS 8.6 without the hassle of
reinstalling software or regenerating your preferences saving hours
and sometimes days of work.

In this update you will find that we have added the Mac OS 8.6 All
and Base Sets, we now have descriptions for over 4,500 files
including descriptions for Sherlock internet searches well as
improved support for non-US operating systems.

You can find the Free Updater at

Changes in 8.0.5

* Added Mac OS 8.6 All and Base sets.
* Updated the Clean-Install System Merge for Mac OS 8.6.
* New Reference Library with descriptions for over 4500 files (including
descriptions for Sherlock internet search sites).
* Improved support for non-US operating systems: supports proper disabled
folder names and enabling/disabling Extensions Manager.
* Fixes several minor bugs.