KlepHacks Shareware is pleased to announce that HTML Markdown 2.1 is
shipping as of 4/4/1999. This is the first major update to the HTML
extraction and conversion utility in nearly three years.

The main new feature in this release is support for Apple’s new
Internet Clippings files. This new file type, which appeared in Mac
OS 8.5, allows users to store URL clippings that will automatically
load in the appropriate Internet application. HTML Markdown can
automatically extract all links from one or more HTML files and
convert them to individual Internet Clippings.

The ideal application of the new feature is to run your Netscape
bookmarks file through the converter. Just throw all of the clippings
into a folder and put it in your Apple Menu Items folder. Now you
have system-wide bookmarks accessible from any application.

Other changes in the new version include the ability to extract all
URL’s from a web page into a single HTML file, better conversion of
HTML to text, and a lower price – $7.

About HTML Markdown

HTML Markdown is an HTML-to-text converter for PowerPC-based Mac OS
computers. In addition to converting HTML into plain text, HTML
Markdown can extract all the URL’s to a single text or HTML file or
individual Internet Clippings. HTML Markdown is shareware and a
single-user license is $7. It can also be purchased as part of a
KlepHacks NetPack with HTML Markup, NetBots, and KlepSig all for $30.

To download or purchase HTML Markdown, visit: