Introducing version 1.0.8 of with Interactive Mode. is a scripting aid for FileMaker Pro, making the
replication of FileMaker scripts between database files much easier
and quicker.

Interactive Mode is a new feature where pauses each
time a script, field or file needs to be selected during script
entry. When pauses, it displays the details of the
object to be selected along with instructions and waits until the
operator has selected the object before continuing script entry.

Version 1.0.8 also includes two small bug fixes, and improved
versions of the About and About OneClick files.

An updater is available for people who already are
enjoying the functionality of

A demo version of is available from’s web site now. is Mac-only, and is fully compatible with Mac OS 8.5.1.’s web site is at (

The update file is at (no wraps or returns in these urls):


Gregory Charles Rivers author