From: Andy Marken (marken@CERF.NET)
Subject: LaCie Unveils Complete CD Write/Rewrite Freedom

The leader in Mac, Win 95 and Win NT storage solutions, LaCie this week
announced a family of three new CD-RW drives that will meet the needs of
professional digital content developers as well as business and home
computer users. The LaCie USB Ultra Controller drivesdelivers
transfer rates of 1 MB/s.

All of the versatile drives come with a complete selection of CD
write/rewrite software for recording data, audio and mixed mode CDs.
Use the drive to prepare, edit, modify and store documents, data,
images, multimedia presentations, photos and video. They’re also
excellent for backing up your hard drive and archiving documents,
data and images.

* LaCie CDRW 4416 – A full 2MB of buffer to handle your high-speed
write and rewrite needs. The SCSI-2 interface passes data to the
drive/media as fast as your computer can move it. The CDRW 4416 is
attractively priced with an MSRP of $499

* LaCie CDRW 226 – With the user’s choice of SCSI-2 or USB Ultra
Controller, this could become our most popular write/rewrite drive
EVER. Handy and reliable for backup, archiving and work in progress,
the CDRW 226 has an MSRP of $379

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