FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Ultimate Resource for High Quality Java Applets, Java
Banners, Java logos and Java Applications

Champaign, Ill. — April 1, 1999 (Software Wire) —
(, a Web site for high quality Java applets, Java
banners, Java logos and Java applications, has been launched by Eslit

This exclusive site has 66 high performance and multi-functional Java
applets and Java banners designed for webmasters and Web site owners
to enhance their web sites and to bring more traffic to their Web
sites. It also has a showcase of 5 custom designed Java logos.

All of the Java applets and Java banners at are
highly configurable and user friendly. Users can create unique
appearance for their Web sites by specifying applet parameters such
as texts, images, colors and sounds. The applets are designed to
create eye-catching animations and visually pleasing special effects
for text and image presentations.

Some complex and impressive special effects involve video-like
animations such as fade, dissolve, ripple, scroll, spin, wave, wipe,
zoom,etc. The collection also includes a few 3D applets, navigation
applets and a search engine.

All of the applets are optimized to have fast download time. Some of
the applets can be used as banners to show a lot of information about
the Web site in a small space for advertising or banner exchange.

Eslit Creations also designs customized Java applets, Java banners,
Java logos, Java applications and Java enhanced Web sites.
Contact: Ashley Chen, Ph.D.
Voice: 217-351-3129
Mail: P.O.Box 2572, Champaign,IL 61825 U.S.A.