SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Pacific Coast Software’s turnkey eCommerce
product, WebCatalog, will soon be available for UNIX users, according
to John A. Hill, VP of Marketing. WebCatalog currently supports all
major web servers on Windows and Macintosh.

Adding support for UNIX makes WebCatalog uniquely qualified as a
truly cross platform product. “Few products offer the convenience of
site development on either Macintosh or Windows that can be sent to a
UNIX server without re-compiling or modifying in any way. Considering
WebCatalog’s rich feature set, long honor-roll of successful web
sites, and unbeatable price, it is in a league of its own,” says Hill.

Although WebCatalog will initially be available as an Apache module
on Sun Solaris, Pacific Coast plans to offer WebCatalog on other
platforms including Linux and MacOS X Server from Apple. “We’ve found
that WebCatalog moves very easily to new platforms,” says Grant
Hulbert, VP of Engineering. “With our Apache module we have a product
that can easily address the requirements of almost any web server.”

Existing features such as the ability to create multiple storefronts
on a single server will allow webmasters and ISPs the ability to
maximize their investment in their server hardware. WebCatalog’s long
history of outperforming other products running on similar hardware
should make the product an easy choice for many sites currently
hosted on UNIX servers.

Successful web sites that utilize WebCatalog as their eCommerce
solution include: Ben & Jerry’s NASDAQ: BJICA (
PalmpilotGear H.Q. (
Stanford University Bookstore ( Performance
Bike (

Beta versions will be available soon with an expected release date in
June. Register on Pacific Coast’s web site for the open beta program

For Further Information Contact:
John A. Hill
VP of Marketing