EVANSTON, IL: Announcing GIFCruncher Desktop for Macintosh and Windows


GIFCruncher Desktop is a Web graphics utility developed by
Spinwave.com (the developers of the award-winning HVS series) that
allows you to select a GIF from your desktop or an HTTP or FTP URL,
and automatically reduce the download time and file size of the GIF
by up to 90%. Auto mode generates several optimized versions, and you
decide on the best tradeoff between file size and quality.
GIFCruncher does this while you wait – single optimizations generally
only take a few seconds.

Why use GIFCruncher? Because it makes your site load much faster,
your files take up less server space, and it provides the best image
quality in the industry. Faster and smaller means more users, more
pages, and a more enjoyable web site. See for yourself – download the
demo or visit GIFCruncher Online.


GIFCruncher Desktop Features:

* Optimize GIFs on your hard drive, your FTP server, or any web site
by up to 90%.
* Save crunched GIFs to your hard drive or directly to your FTP server
with complete security.
* Run batches while you perform other tasks.
* Instant access to online help and up to the minute tech support via
the web.
* Automatically shows results in your browser for total confidence
in how your GIFs will be seen by visitors to your site.
* Side-by-side comparison views of batch results.

GIFCruncher Desktop gives you all the power of GIFCruncher Online on
your own machine. Crunch as much as you want to without having to
dial up. Desktop uses exactly the same optimization engine as the
online version — but it runs in the privacy and controlled
environment of your own computer. Download the demo today!


GIFCruncher is a product of Spinwave.com: