Graham Cox, a private individual, today announces the latest upgrade
to the popular and free C++ framework for Macintosh, MacZoop.

Now in version 2.0, MacZoop has been extensively rewritten and
simplified to help make creating Macintosh applications even easier
and more rewarding than ever before. Version 2.0 has been extensively
tested and peer reviewed for the first time to ensure the highest
quality code and most bug-free release made to date.

MacZoop can be downloaded from the following site:

and is also available on these mirrors:

What is MacZoop?

MacZoop is a C++ application framework for the Macintosh. Unlike
large frameworks such as MacApp, PowerPlant, etc, MacZoop is small
and lightweight, focussed on the needs of beginners and smaller
projects. MacZoop is designed to be compiled with Metrowerks’
CodeWarrior, but will compile with other ANSI compliant C++ compilers
such as MPW. Supplied as full source code, MacZoop will provide a
valuable resource for any Macintosh programmer, as its rapidly
growing popularity (1200+ users to date) will testify. MacZoop is
completely free.