ip.access (http://www.ipaccess.com), developer of picocell and
femtocell solutions, has announced that it will demonstrate its new
Virtual Fridge Notes application for the iPhone at tomorrow’s
Femtocells World Summit. ip.access will first showcase the
application during the Femtocell Applications Live session at the

The new application makes use of a femtocell’s ability to detect home
presence, sending someone a reminder message as soon as he or she
arrives home. ip.access’ “fridge notes” service works on any SMS
capable handset, but the new iPhone version actually displays the
messages on a virtual fridge, allowing the recipient to manage them
just like real fridge notes. The message, which can be composed and
sent using Facebook, can be unpeeled, moved to a corner of the fridge
door, or removed altogether if the message is no longer relevant.

The application also uses a femtocell’s home presence detection
capability to automatically update a person’s Facebook status,
meaning all their friends and family can see when they’ve arrived
home. ip.access has taken a strong lead in promoting femtocell
services, and has helped to initiate the Femto Forum Services Special
Interest Group (SIG), which seeks to foster a developer community to
build femtocell services, according to Stephen Mallinson, CEO at
ip.access. It was also the first company to demonstrate
femtocell-enabled connected home services, showcasing many different
uses of femtocell technology in a home environment, he adds.

A video showing the Facebook Virtual Fridge Notes demonstration can
be found at: