StarNine Technologies is pleased to announce the release of WebSTAR
FTP 3.0.3, a free upgrade for WebSTAR 3 users. All WebSTAR FTP users
are encouraged to upgrade to WebSTAR FTP 3.0.3 from the WebSTAR
Updates page at (

Changes and fixes for WebSTAR FTP 3.0.3 include:

– Fixed numerous problems with long path names or argument variables.

– Fixed problem with possible memory corruption bug when logging or
sending responses to FTP clients.

– Fixed a problem with PASV connections that specifically effected
the STOR command, but potentially could have effected RETR as well.

– Improved internal error handling.

For more information about WebSTAR — a set of easy to use Internet
servers for the Mac OS, providing support for Web, FTP and Proxy
services — we encourage you to visit the StarNine Web site at
( and download an evaluation copy of WebSTAR