This is the latest (1/19/99) from BCN on Desktop PCs. All of Apple’s
new products are within top ten computers sold. Combined iMac and
Macintosh sales currently hold 56.6% market share in Japan.

You may also want to be noted that Studio Display topped the CRT
display chart on 1/25 with 12.6%.

Desktop PC Sales

1 Apple iMac 45.3%
2 Apple PM G3/300 6.5%
4 NEC VALUESTAR NX 1.9% (Different Config.)
4 Apple PM G3/350 Zip 1.9%
6 IBM Aptiva D1J 1.7%
7 NEC VALUESTAR NX 1.6% (Different Config.)
7 Apple PM G3/400 1.6%
8 NEC VALUESTAR NX 1.4% (Different Config.)
10 Apple PM G3/350 DVD 1.3%

Others 34.5%

Please be noted that this figure only indicates the market share at
shop front. POS data extracted and consolidated from 218 PC shops
around Japan. __________________________

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