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Foresight Solutions, Inc. Releases CalendarSet/CGI(tm) v1.1 — Now
Compatible with Macintosh and Window Platforms

January 28, 1999 — East Lansing, Michigan USA — Foresight
Solutions, Inc. announces the release of CalendarSet/CGI v1.1.
CalendarSet/CGI specifically addresses the needs of organizations
that would like to create, share and maintain calendar and schedule
information for the Web or their corporate Intranet.

As an application designed on the Web server, CalendarSet/CGI allows
users to view and modify calendar data using only their browser. It’s
quick, easy to use and allows you to create an unlimited number of
calendars using only one copy of CS/CGI for each server.
V1.1 features and improvements include:
– Now compatible with Windows 95/98/NT and Mac
– Compatible with Webstar 3.x
– Automatic indexing of events for faster searching
– New configuration interface
– Bug fixes in expiring event preferences and email reminders
– No HTML programming is necessary

CalendarSet/CGI is available for $149 U.S./International. The upgrade
from CS/CGI v1.0 (Mac) to CS/CGI v1.1 (Mac) is free. For more
information please contact Foresight Solutions at 1-888-763-8321,
ext. 27.

A demo may be obtained at:

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