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Version 1.0.1 of available

Finally, there’s an easier way to duplicate FileMaker Pro scripts.

Version 1.0 of – the new developer tool that makes
duplicating FileMaker scripts from one database file to another easier –
will be available from a fully revamped web site beginning
November 21, 1998.

After rigorous beta testing, and stringent quality demands by the author, promises to help countless FileMaker users and developers
with their day to day development.

A surprise in version 1.0.1 is full compatibility with *large* Script
Definition windows, so all of those people who love their large input
windows don’t have to miss out (grin). is also compatible
with Mac OS 8.5.

The script process is simple and quick (eg: close to 300 script steps in
just 8 mins). 95% of the script commands are faithfully reproduced with all
parameters intact. FileMaker Pro users will be able to save literally
hundreds of hours of script input time. is flexible, allowing the user to choose script data in three
different friendly ways including popup menu selection, file drag-and-drop
and text drag-and-drop. And script files can contain multiple scripts too,
so users can literally build libraries of their essential scripts to be
entered into new projects with a single click.

Build libraries of frequently used scripts, and then enter all of them into
your new FileMaker database with just one click. Share scripts with others
by distributing your script files. Magazines could make their example
FileMaker scripts available in format (very easy to do) and
allow readers to download and enter the scripts with ease.
Mac only!
Similar to the OneClick moto (on which is based);
“if you’re not using, you’re wasting your time 🙂

For more information, please visit the web site at
( or contact Gregory at