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PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

Macintosh Training Statistics

We have just published the results of our most recent online survey that
provides statistics relating to the Macintosh training industry. This
survey addresses the following questions:
What percentage of respondents have ever taken a Macintosh class?
How many classes have you attended?
How would you rate the quality of training received?
How long has it been since your last class?
What form of computer training do you use most often to learn new

Survey results can be viewed at:

The Association of Macintosh Trainers (AMT) is an international network of
hundreds of Apple Macintosh computer trainers, consultants, instructors and
educators, representing over 20 nations. AMT was formed to make Macintosh
computer support easily accessible to end users worldwide, while working to
improve upon the quality of Macintosh training. Contact Jimmy Davies
(, for additional information.
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