From: (Mike McLaughlin)
Subject: [ANN] The Ultimate Macintosh Random-Number Generator

Just a brief note to let those interested know that source code is
available for what is almost certainly the best (and fastest)
general-purpose pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) publically available.

The C++ class, URandomLib, was described in the October, 1998 issue of
MacTech magazine. URandomLib may be used, without modification, in C
programs as well. It is Macintosh-specific since the low-level routine
generating the random output is coded in optimized assembly language
(conditional compilation blocks for PowerPC and 68K). The cited URL is the
official URandomLib homepage and contains a link to the MacTech ftp site.

The underlying PRNG algorithm, known as “Ultra”, was published, and
rigorously tested, by Marsaglia and co-workers at Florida State Univ. This
library, however, is new.
If you ever need code for random numbers, for any reason, check it out!

Mike McLaughlin (