October 26, 1998

All Lasso 3 customers are advised to download and install Lasso 3 Service
Pack Release 1. This maintenance release introduces fixes to various Lasso
3 components and provides a new format file security solution.

Details are available via new articles in the Blue World Support Central
“Software Hot Fixes” area at http://support.blueworld.com/hotfixes.lasso.

In addition, Blue World today made available two Hot Fixes that address the
following select issues.
1. Encoding Tags Module 3.0 Revision 1 addresses problems
associated with how FileMaker Pro returns encoded data differently between
different versions of FileMaker Pro.
2. Lasso WAPI Plug-in 3.0 Revision 1 addresses a problem which
would cause WebTen to crash on shutdown.

As Hot Fixes are only needed to update specific components of a Lasso 3
installation, only Lasso 3 customers who require the specific functionality
need to install Hot Fixes.

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