Press Release – BugLink v1.1 Public Beta Released

For Immediate Release

Glendale, California, October 19, 1998 — The PandaWave announced today the
public release of the beta version of BugLink v1.1.

What is BugLink?

BugLink is a bug tracking system for both the Macintosh and Microsoft
Windows 95/NT. BugLink consists of a central bug database and server
application, and clients which allow software developers and testers
download the bugs they are interested in.

What’s New In This Release

This update adds several new features to BugLink, including project
security and better query results. Numerous bugs were also fixed.

With project security, administrators are able to control which users have
access to which bug databases. Administrators may also control what kind of
access users have, controlling who is able to submit, review, and modify
bugs in a project.

User may now customize the results of a query, adding different columns to
the bug list such as the priority of the bugs in the bug list. Users may
also sort by column, and reverse the order of the sort.

This first beta release is available for download immediately from Questions or comments about this
beta release should be forwarded to We anticipate
the final release of version 1.1 of BugLink at MacWorld in January.

About The PandaWave

The PandaWave provides commercial and shareware software for both the
Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, with the goal of providing developers
state of the art cross-platform tools to assist with their software
development efforts.

Current products of The PandaWave include BugLink, a cross-platform bug
tracking environment, and YAAF, a free C++ framework for developing
cross-platform applications.

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