From: Charles Kefauver (
Subject: ANNOUNCE: FREE ProcessWatch Webmaster utility

I have always thought that the “About this Mac” window that Apple provides
with the Finder, gives too little information, and takes up way too much
screen real state. Therefore, I have created ProcessWatch as the simplest
possible replacement for that window.

We currently have 8 Macs running different kind of services (internet and
otherwise), and since we already have most of our screens filled up with
with logging windows, our main concern was creating the smallest possible
window we could. We also wanted the program to take up as little CPU power
as possible.

ProcessWatch is PostCardWare. This means that although it is totally free,
we ask that if you decide to kept the program, you send me an email message
with your favorite picture, or if you prefer, send me a traditional
Postcard via regular mail.

You can download it from:

Sincerely yours,

Charles W. Kefauver

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