[ANN] CodeWarrior for Palm Computing Platform release 5

CodeWarrior for Palm Computing(r) platform is the development tool of
choice among Palm Computing platform developers. With CodeWarrior for Palm
Computing platform, you can create software programs that run directly on a
Palm device from the comfort of your Windows 95/98/NT or Mac OS computer
using the award-winning CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment
(IDE). CodeWarrior offers the most complete set of development tools
available, unified into a simple and intuitive development environment.
Spend less time navigating between tools and more time generating and
deploying Palm applications using CodeWarrior’s powerful, and
easy-to-navigate tools.


Develop your Palm applications faster with the help of CodeWarrior’s
tightly integrated IDE, C/C++ compiler, source- and assembly-level
debugger, assembler, and linker

Test and debug your applications more rapidly with your choice of
CodeWarrior for Palm Computing platform’s direct-to-device debugger, Palm
OS(tm) Emulator (Windows and Mac OS), or Palm OS Simulator(Mac OS)

Build your graphical user interface quickly using Constructor for Palm
Computing platform; drag and drop elements from a palette onto a simulated
screen and edit the interface visually

Learn the intricacies of Palm Computing platform development with our
comprehensive documentation and tutorials, and sample code

Registered users receive one free product update and free technical
support, available through email, Web, online services, or phone.

For more information visit the Metrowerks Web site
(http://www.metrowerks.com) or visit 3Com’s Web site at