Press Release – BugLink v1.0.2 Upgrade Released

For Immediate Release

Glendale, California, September 21, 1998 — The PandaWave announced today
the release of version 1.0.2 of BugLink, a free upgrade for existing

What is BugLink?

BugLink is a bug tracking system for both the Macintosh and Microsoft
Windows 95/NT. BugLink consists of a central bug database and server
application, and clients which allow software developers and testers
download the bugs they are interested in.

What’s New In This Release

This update, which is free for all existing customers, fixes a number of
problems, including a potentially fatal memory leak in the BugLink Client
application. This release also fixes a few user interface glitches and a
printing problem which causes the wrong date to show up on reports.

A problem with the Server has also been fixed which can, under rare
circumstances, cause the bug tracking database to become corrupted.

This upgrade is highly recommended for all users, and can be downloaded

About The PandaWave

The PandaWave provides commercial and shareware software for both the
Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, with the goal of providing developers
state of the art cross-platform tools to assist with their software
development efforts.

Current products of The PandaWave include BugLink, a cross-platform bug
tracking environment, and YAAF, a free C++ framework for developing
cross-platform applications.

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