Macintosh Software Maintenance Outsourcing Available

Date: August 13, 1998
Contact: Anthony Meadow

For Immediate Release

Bear River Associates offers Macintosh Software Maintenance Outsourcing

Oakland, CA August 13, 1998: Bear River Associates announced today that it
is available for handling outsourcing arrangements with software publishers
and other companies who need their Macintosh applications maintained but no
longer want to maintain the staff to do that internally. These services
will enable software publishers and other organizations to entrust their
Macintosh development needs to the oldest Macintosh development company
around. Bear River has been developing Macintosh software since 1985,
making it the oldest Macintosh development company in existence.

“Some software publishers find that they cannot afford to maintain
Macintosh development skills on their staff any longer” said Anthony
Meadow, President and founder of Bear River Associates. “We are prepared to
help them continue to maintain and enhance their Macintosh products. Some
companies want to continue a parallel development path with their Windows
products, while others want the current product maintained without
significant enhancement.”

Bear River has completed more than two hundred projects developing
Macintosh, Windows and Internet software development projects for clients
such as Apple Computer, Microsoft, IBM, America Online, Ernst & Young,
LiveWorld Productions and Inclusion. Bear River Associates offers desktop
development services in addition to Internet development services. An
overview of all services available from Bear River can be viewed at

Contact information:

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