Deventer August 5, 1998. Neuron Data Systems is proud to announce the
availability of the final candidate to MacCoach 2.0. As its name already
indicates, this is what we plan to ship as our final version. We’ll allow
for a period of two weeks to report bugs to ( In
view of the limited number of minor bugs reported for MacCoach 2.0b3, we
expect a few minor changes, if any at all for the final release of MacCoach
2.0. If your review was not printed yet, we request you obtain the final
candidate to include the improvements since the beta release.

In our view, this release for MacCoach with its built in Application Crash
Detection and comprehensive System Log sets a new standard in optimizing
the availability of MacOS based server applications. We will however be
more than glad to let our customers and reviewers be the judge of that. We
welcome each and every suggestion for improvements on the current release.

MacCoach is co marketed by Apple Computer Europe. Customers in Europa
planning to purchase a Macintosh G3 Server in the context of Apple Europe’s
Server Trade In program are eligible for a free MacCoach device and
accompanying software. Please visit our web site to read more about our new
release and the Apple co marketing program.

The final candidate for MacCoach 2.0 can be downloaded free of charge from
our web site.

Neuron Data Systems aims at providing world class solutions in hardware and
software. Our employees and staff have a long and outstanding track record
in the development and marketing of innovative and reliable solutions.

Best regards,

Neuron Data Systems
Jan Willem Luiten