PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

Train the Macintosh Trainer Workshops (MacTrainer U)

The Association of Macintosh Trainers announces the establishment of
MacTrainer U (, a series of train the
Macintosh trainer workshops designed specifically to improve upon the
quality of Macintosh support. Topics covered will be: classroom dynamics,
improving training skills, public speaking tips, training materials,
acquiring certification status, a technology update, and marketing computer

MacTrainer U Workshop Schedule:
Virginia Beach, VA – September 14, 1998
Chicago, IL – September 18, 1998
Orlando, FL – October 2, 1998
Atlanta, GA – October 9, 1998
New York, NY – October 23, 1998
Boston, MA – October 26, 1998
Denver, CO – November 9, 1998
San Francisco, CA – November 13, 1998
Los Angeles, CA – November 17, 1998

AMT ( is an international network of hundreds
of Apple Macintosh computer trainers, instructors and educators,
representing over 20 nations formed to make Macintosh computer support
easily accessible to end users worldwide, while working to improve upon the
quality of Macintosh training. Contact Jimmy J. Davies (, for
additional information.

Association of Macintosh Trainers
P.O. Box 2743
Newport News, VA 23609, USA
1-757-877-9463, Fax 1-757-877-7783
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