July 17, 1998. ClearWay Technologies today announced the release of two new
free plug-ins for WebSTAR-compatible Web servers: “ClearWay Simple Cache
Manager 2.0” and “FireSite SSI_PIXO Adapter 1.0”. Both plug-ins are
available immediately at no cost, as a service to the Mac Webmaster

ClearWay Simple Cache Manager 2.0
On a busy Web server, RAM caching can help performance, but it may also
sometimes result in “stale” files being cached by the server. For over a
year, thousand Webmasters have used ClearWay Simple Cache Manager 1.0 to
help keep the RAM caches “in sync” with the latest Web site changes. Now
CSCM Version 2.0 includes a customizable results page that the Webmaster
can use to publish tips, late breaking news, helpful hyperlinks, or banner
ads. CSCM 2.0 is free and available from (

FireSite SSI_PIXO Adapter 1.0
Most modern WebSTAR “SSI-style” plug-ins, such as NetCloak and WebCatalog,
support the PIXO standard for high-speed communication between plug-ins.
And while WebSTAR 3.0 includes a popular new “SSI” plug-in, it does not
support the industry-standard PIXO interface, and therefore runs at a
reduced speed when called from FireSite or NetCloak. The “FireSite SSI_PIXO
Adapter” is an independent WebSTAR plug-in that adds a high level of PIXO
support to WebSTAR SSI, allowing it to perform at top speed through the
PIXO interface. The FireSite SSI_PIXO Adapter is free and available from

ClearWay Technologies, Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the
leading developer of Internet acceleration tools. Founded in January 1996,
and privately held, ClearWay is best known for its FireSite Web Site
Accelerator. Further information on ClearWay Technologies may be obtained
by calling 1-888-55CLEAR, accessing ClearWay’s Web site at
or by e-mailing

Media Contact:
Susan Marlett
ClearWay Technologies