Glucose Releases Injection 1.0

Gabriel Cheifetz
Glucose Development Corporation

June 16, 1998– Glucose Development Corporation today announced the
immediate availability of Injection 1.0, a new web publishing tool that
automatically adds high-quality META tags to existing web pages.

Injection uses natural language algorithms to analyse each individual page
in a web site, extracting key words and topics, and then constructs META
keyword tags that reflect the content of each page. The newly created META
tags are then “injected” into each page.

To use Injection, a webmaster simply drops a web page– or a folder
containing an entire web site– onto Injection. Injection then processes
each page in the site, adding META tags as it goes.

In addition to producing META keyword tags automatically, Injection also
includes a suite of tools that allow the webmaster to specify arbitrary
custom META tags for insertion into a site.

For the webmaster, Injection completely automates the tedious and
time-consuming task of producing content-specific META tags. For the
public, Injection opens new pathways to knowledge previously inaccessible
via search engines thanks to poor or missing META tags.


Injection requires a Power Macintosh running MacOS 7.6 or greater. English
is the only language for which automatic META keyword generation is
currently supported.


Injection 1.0 costs US$99 and is available exclusively through Glucose
( Injection can be purchased online and downloaded
immediately from

Glucose Development Corporation of Providence, RI created the widely
acclaimed Data Hammer text summarization utility and is dedicated to
engineering a new generation of frighteningly intelligent software.