From: Guy Kawasaki (

We opened up the public area of the Web site today. Please check
it out. We’re trying to create a valuble resource area for high-tech
entrepreneurs and investors.

The site is located at:


Some highlights:

1) ( Here we use software agents to
search 600 data feeds to monitor companies, people, and topics. Nothing
will get past you if you use this area.

2) ( Geoff Baum, our director of Web
content, searches the Internet on a daily basis to find relevant stories
for high-tech entrepreneurs and investors.

3) ( This is where the bulk of my
writing will go. I’ll do columns and Q and A.

4) ( Buy a Tshirt or hat. There’s a
kid’s version to which says, “I am a little entrepreneur. My favorite
letters are I, P, and O” on the back.

Please link your site to ours to help us build awareness. You can even win
a Tshirt for doing this! Go to:



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