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Metrowerks Licenses Java Compiler to Macromedia

SAN JOSE, California – May 12, 1998 – Metrowerks, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF,
TSE/ME:MWK) announced today at the Apple Computer, Inc. World Wide
Developer Conference that the company has licensed its CodeWarrior Java
compiler for Mac and Windows to Macromedia for integration into their
multimedia authoring tool products, including Director.

Java source code generated in Director will be compiled into Java bytecode
by the CodeWarrior Java compiler, taking advantage of its high performance
characteristics. This will provide multimedia and web authoring developers
with a more efficient tool to create new Internet and hybrid CD+Internet

“We’re pleased to be working with Macromedia to enhance their Java-based
multimedia and web authoring tools,” said David Perkins, senior vice
president, sales and business development, Metrowerks. “Metrowerks’ high
quality, high performance Java development tools continue to be a
significant contributor to the growth of digital media on the web, on the
desktop, and in the embedded market.”

“It’s imperative that we provide our customers with the kinds of tools that
allow them to create rich multimedia experiences on the web with or without
plug-ins,” said Kevin Ellis, Senior Product Manager, Macromedia’s Director
Product Line. “We chose to integrate the CodeWarrior Java compiler with
Director 6.5, the de facto standard authoring tool for multimedia and the
web, because of CodeWarrior’s superior performance characteristics. The
combination of Director and the CodeWarrior Java compiler will increase the
productivity and platform support of developers who deliver web

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