GenieWorks, LLC would like to announce our first general beta release of
SpotCheck 1.1, with full support for the Java1.1.x language and APIs.

SpotCheck is a language-based editor that “knows” the Java language. It is
designed to help a Java programmer produce correct code without relying on
confusing and untimely feedback from a compiler.

Specifically, SpotCheck identifies syntax errors and semantic errors
(undefined names, type mismatches, etc.) — those errors normally returned
by a compiler. This analysis is performed after each edit, giving the
programmer immediate feedback on errors.

SpotCheck provides a host of additional features, including:

* smart links to name declarations
* cross-referenced Java APIs
* editing with popup menus
* interfaces to helper apps to compile & run
* hierarchical project browsing
* color-coded syntax

For more information, or to download a free, fully-functional demo of
SpotCheck 1.1, visit (

Wes Butler
GenieWorks, LLC