Lemke Software has released Graphic Converter 3.2.

Graphic Converter can be downloaded at Lemke
at(http://www.lemkesoft.de/us_gcdownload.html). Lemke’s server is very over
loaded so Insanely Great Mac maintains a mirror for GV at

Some key features/fixes of GraphicConverter 3.2:

* import of QuickTime qtif added (requires QuickTime 3.0 or later)
* storyboard window added:
* fill tool supports now a tolerance (double click on the tool) and
requires less memory
* trim option supports now a tolerance (new menu item)
* trim batch function allows now to specify the color and a tolerance
* tolerance to find and replace added
* trim can now be limited to a special direction
* import and export plug-ins will appear in the apple menu
* support for import of GIF animations with zero loop added
* possible crash during save of MacPaint files fixed
* redraw bug of clipboard window fixed
* possible hang during use of lasso tool fixed
* bug in saving of resolution value to JPEGs fixed
* speed of saving of JPEGs with comments and/or IPTC improved
* bug in saving of LOWSRC GIFs fixed
* bug in length of IFF BODY chunk fixed
* trash function in slideshow/browser will no use the scriptable finder
* check for exceed of limit during resolution change added
* ibeam cursor corrected
* bug with extension for long names in convert more fixed
* bug with progress bar in in plug-in calls fixed
* crash in level dialog on 68k machines fixed