MoreFiles 1.4.8 Released

Version 1.4.8 of MoreFiles is now available. If you downloaded version
in the last month, you’ll need to get version 1.4.8 — the conditionals in
FSpCompat.c produced bad code.

You can download it today from from :

It will also submitted for release through the following channels (and
may be
available today or in the near future):
Apple’s Developer CD
Apple Developer World web/ftp site
America Online’s Macintosh Developers Forum library (keyword: MDV)
CompuServe’s Macintosh Developers Forum library (GO MACDEV)
Metrowerks (for inclusion with their next CD)

– Jim Luther, Apple Computer, Inc.

v1.4.8 3/24/98

Bugs fixed:
– Fixed conditional errors introduced in v1.4.7 in FSpCompat.c.
– Initialized realResult to noErr in FSpGetFullPath.
– Changed comment in IterateDirectory.p for MyIterateFilterProc – the
CInfoPBRec parameter should be {CONST} VAR.