Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

Apple is testing a quad-core, CPU-powered iPhone with a 720p display. — Redmond Pie (

“Details of a secret agreement between Apple and its partners have surfaced recently, following the disclosure of court documents during Apple and Samsung’s legal battle.” — ITProPortal” (

“Verizon’s $3.6 billion purchase of wireless spectrum with cable providers signals that the dance for market position may quickly draw in Apple, Google and Microsoft.” — “TheStreet” (

“A vigilant Apple store enthusiast in Houston (Tex.) have learned that the future Highland Village retail store will be a down-sized duplicate of the Upper West Side (NYC) store, including its remarkable arched glass roof. — “ifoAppleStore” (

“We’ve already seen what Intel has for us as far as desktop systems are concerned for most of 2012, Ivy Bridge-E not being part of that roadmap, but what about the mobile market space? Well, we have plenty of details for you with regards to what Intel has in store, ranging from high-end Extreme Edition models to new Ultrabook processors.” — “VR-Zone” (