Public Beta of Free File Tool for Developers

Quadrivio General Edit Lite 1.0.1b2 available for download.

Berkeley, CA-February 15-Quadrivio Corporation announces the public beta of
General Edit Lite, a free tool for developers who need to view or edit data
files in hexadecimal or other simple formats. This tool is based on the
commercial version of General Edit, but it does not include features for
dealing with compound data structures. PowerPC is required.

General Edit Lite allows you to view files as hexadecimal, ASCII, Unicode
(Roman encoding only), 16-bit decimal integers, or 32-bit decimal integers.
Finder Information for each file is also displayed. Files can be larger
than RAM.

The beta version is being announced only on the MacDev-1 mailing list. The
number of copies available for download may be limited. At the end of the
beta test period, the final version of General Edit Lite will be made
available for free to the general community.

To download General Edit Lite, visit, proceed to
the Product Information page, and follow the links to “General Edit Lite.”

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Berkeley, CA 94707
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