Miracle Software Inc. announces the shipping of version 3.0 of World Wide
Web Weaver, the company’s Internet authoring package. Version 3.0 is a
complete rewrite of the software, resulting in significant speed
improvements, MacOS 8 awareness and the inclusion of the latest Web
authoring tools. Version 3.0 improves upon the popular interface which
allows users to easily write their HTML code and at the same time view the
results in their web browser.

New features and improvements include:

– Customizable toolbar
– Improved editors for:
– Frames, now semi-WYSIWYG
– Tables, improved importing and supports colors and alinement
– Applets
– JavaScript
– Comprehensive support for image maps
– Graphics can be resized visually
– A new integrated spell checker
– Full support of MacOS 8, including contextual menus
– Improved tag labeling, including the labeling of “broken” links
– Expanded find and replace, includes the ability to find and
replace in multiple documents, including documents which
are not opened.
– Drag and drop of text, graphics, movies and Java applets into HTML
files, resulting in the appropriate editor being opened and
filled in automatically with the details of the file being
“dropped” into place.
– AppleGuide help.
– Includes both Netscape Communicator(tm) and Microsoft Explorer(tm)

Version 3.0 is available for $89, which includes 2 free upgrades, or for
$59 with no free upgrades.

A fully functional demo (minus spelling dictionary) of version 3.0 is
available to the public at http://www.MiracleInc.com New orders of World
Wide Web Weaver will be shipped immediately. Registered users can expect to
see their upgrades arrive by the end of February. An NFR copy of version
3.0 is available for members of the press. Please indicate if you wish to
receive the NFR copy via mail or e-mail.

Robert C. Best III – Robert.Best@MiracleInc.com
President/CEO of Miracle Software Inc.

Miracle Software Inc. – miracle@MiracleInc.com

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World Wide Web Weaver 3.0
HTML Web Weaver Lite 3.0.1
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