MacTech Magazine and Macworld awarded the winners of the coveted Eddy Award
last night. This is just a quick note to list the Joint MacTech/Macworld
Eddy Award winners. The full Eddy Award list is at:

Congratulations to all of the winners — and the finalists!

Best Developer Tool
Winner: Voodoo 1.8, Uni Software Plus
Finalist: Spotlight DR2, Onyx Technology
Finalist: Installer Vise 4.6.1, MindVision Software

Best Development Environment
Winner: CodeWarrior Professional Release 2, Metrowerks
Finalist: FutureBASIC II, Staz Software
Finalist: BBEdit 4.5.1, Bare Bones Software

Best Rapid-Devlopment Tool
Winner: 4th Dimension 6, ACI US
Finalist: Tools Plus 3.3, Water’s Edge Software
Finalist: MCL 4.1, Digitool

Best Tool for New Technologies
Winner: CodeWarrior Latitude, Metrowerks
Finalist: Joy, AAA+ Software F&E
Finalist: Visual Cafe for Macintosh 1.0.2, Symantec