Free Apple Guide-to-WinHelp Translator, FAQ

DALLAS, Texas — DECEMBER 22, 1997 — StepUp Software announces the
availability of guideWorks Translator and the Apple Guide FAQ, assets of
the former guideWorks, LLC. guideWorks Translator is a utility which
converts Apple Guide source code files to WinHelp files. Combined with
StepUp Software’s $99 Guide Composer (recently upgraded to version 1.2.1),
this free utility provides an inexpensive cross-platform active
assistance/help solution for Macintosh software developers. guideWorks
Translator previously retailed for $199.

Also now available at the StepUp Software website is the Apple Guide FAQ.
This web-formatted FAQ was developed by and is provided for the Apple Guide
development community. The site was designed by guideWorks.

StepUp Software warns that guideWorks Translator is provided to the public
‘as-is’ and is no longer supported. “We wish to thank the former owners and
management of guideWorks LLC for providing this useful tool to the public,”
said Jeff Benjamin, developer of Guide Composer.

guideWorks Translator can be found for free download at StepUp Software’s
web site at: ( or download directly at

The Apple Guide FAQ can be found at:

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Macintosh applications since 1990. For additional information see
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Jeff Benjamin
Stepup Software