Iomega today introduced the Zip 750MB Drive, the newest generation of the company’s popular removeable storage medium. The Zip 750 features transfer speeds of 7.5MB/sec, or the equivalent of a 50x50x50x CD-RW drive, and is backwards compatible with Zip 250MB disks (read-write) and Zip 100MB disks (read only). The drive ships with a new version of Iomega’s Automatic Backup and Sync software (formerly called QuickSync) that includes full Mac OS X support. Additionally, as with all Zip disks, the Zip 750 offers firmware-level disk password protection and serialization for security of data. The Iomega 750MB Drive is available now with a USB 2.0 interface for US$179.95; a bus-powered FireWire version will be available in mid-September for $199.95, while an internal ATAPI version will ship in the fall for $149.95. Zip 750MB disks carry a retail price of $12.49 each in packs of eight, while Zip 250MB and 100MB disks sell for $10.69 and $8.99, respectively. Iomega has no plans to discontinue its lower capacity Zip drives.