December 11, 1997

Press Contact: Scott S. Lawton,
288 Littleton Rd, Suite 20, Westford, MA 01886, 978-692-1256

*** Survey on Text Utilities, Drawing for over a dozen great prizes! ***

PreFab wants your feedback on two different types of text utilities:
– enhanced search & replace (“or” search, wildcards, pattern matching and more)
– document comparison (automatic redlining of HTML, QuarkXPress and other

Please consider taking a few minutes to fill out our web survey at

As thanks for participating, we’ll have a drawing on Thurs. Dec. 18 (at
5:00 p.m. Pacific time) and give away 1 copy each of BBEdit, Timbuktu,
LightningDraw/WEB, Default Folder, MacTech subscription & CD, FileFlex,
Style and every major scripting product: ACME Script Widgets, FaceSpan SRT,
Player, Script Debugger, Scripter and Text Machine.