Frontier 5: Public release of Frontier 5.0/Mac

Frontier 5 is a now a cross-platform product! On Saturday we released the
first public alpha of Frontier, version 5.0a22 for Windows, and today,
12/10/97, we have released the Mac version of the same software.

Why the delay?

There are a core set of features gathered around website building and
system management that work exactly the same on both Mac and Windows.

Our first goal in getting this release out was to get that core set working
properly on both operating systems. The core functionality, at this time,
pretty much defines the Windows product. There are almost no features that
are in the Windows software that aren’t also in the Mac software. Over time
this will change as we support all the scripting culture on Windows, but
for right now Frontier/Win is mostly the cross-platform subset.

After we do a Windows release, the Mac-specific bits have to be imported
into the new root and tested. The first time we did this it took four days.
The next time, unless there are problems, it will probably take less time.
Thanks for the patience and goodwill! Now we’re ready for the next
milestone, the Mac release of Frontier 5.0a22.

The Mac version is available now. Check out the Download Page on the
scripting site (

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