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For those CodeWarriors out there who are planning on developing for
Rhapsody, you can now test CodeWarrior Latitude’s Mac Toolbox coverage
against your own applications without purchasing Latitude. You can now
“try-before-you-buy” by downloading the Latitude Link Test Library from the
Metrowerks web site:


By replacing the Mac OS InterfaceLib in your CodeWarrior Project with the
Latitude Link Test Library and performing a link (Make) operation in the
CodeWarrior IDE, you can see if there are any Mac OS Toolbox calls that
your application is using that are not yet implemented in Latitude. This is
helpful to developers that are planning to port their applications to
Rhapsody or any other Latitude supported platform. Potential buyers must
have CodeWarrior Professional to perform this test.

CodeWarrior Latitude consists of a set of libraries that performs the
functions of the Macintosh API on Rhapsody and UNIX. Latitude implements
over 1,200 of the most used Macintosh API calls, so your application can
run native with minimal work. Existing Mac source code is compiled under
Rhapsody or a supported UNIX platform (see below) and linked against
Latitude. The process results in a native application that delivers the
functionality of the existing Macintosh program with the performance and
native graphical interface of the target platform.

CodeWarrior Latitude not only allows users to build native applications for
Rhapsody, but also for the Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.3+ and Silicon
Graphics IRIX 5.2+ UNIX-hosted operating systems.

Visit our website (, check out the Latitude web
pages, including the on-line list of supported Toolbox calls, and take the
Link Test Library out for a spin. All free of charge.

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