WebSTAR users,

StarNine and Sophisticated Circuits are proud to announce the release of
the WebSTAR PowerKey Pro Ticker Plug-In, now available for download at
(ftp://ftp.starnine.com/pub/extending_webstar/powerkey_pro_tickler.sea.hqx). W
ebSTAR PowerKey Pro Tickler is a WebSTAR Plug-In that periodically sends a
USER TIMER AppleEvent to the PowerKey Pro powerstrip from Sophisticated
Circuits. In the event of a WebSTAR crash this allows the PowerKey Pro to
restart the server machine.

When WebSTAR is running normally, the WebSTAR PowerKey Pro Tickler sets the
User Timer to 5 minutes at one-minute intervals. Once set, the User Timer
starts counting down to zero. As long as WebSTAR is running, the Tickler
will continue to reset the User Timer, so it will never reach zero. If the
User Timer ever actually reaches zero, it means that WebSTAR has stopped
resetting it, usually due to a crash or freeze. PowerKey Pro will then
execute the “When Timer Expires” Event. This will restart the system and
restore WebSTAR to normal operation.

For additional information on the PowerKey Pro visit
(http://www.sophisticated.com/). Additional information on WebSTAR can be
found at (http://www.starnine.com/).

Note: Sophisticated Circuits’ PowerKey products are available through
DevDepot (http://www.devdepot.com), mailto:orders@devdepot.com, Toll
free: 800-MACDEV-1, Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798.