T-Plan Limited (http://www.t-plan.com) — which produces test process management. Incorporating test process and supporting tools — has announced support for Apple’s Safari 5 web browser, adding to the list of web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, its Robot Enterprise automation tool supports.

This support comes as part of T-Plan’s ongoing application test acceleration and compatibility (ATAC) program that it has launched in cooperation with its US distribution partner, nSyte Software, that seeks to dramatically shorten developer’s time to market by offering support for new web browsers and application platforms the same day they are released.

Charlie Wheeler, sales and marketing director for T-Plan, says discussions with T-Plan reveal that being able to support Safari 5 on the same day that it was released to market is only one of similar initiatives that are planned for other mobile and web platforms. It is rumored that with the pending release of Droid 2 that this may be the next platform to be supported by Robot Enterprise in what is sure to become one of the most comprehensive list of supported platforms ever.