From: (William Edward Woody)
Subject: [ANN] Build Counter tool for tracking number of builds.

Okay, this is a hack.

I needed a quick way to increment a ‘build count’ in a Macintosh project
I’m working on. So one afternoon, I hacked this together.

It’s a Macintosh plugin for CodeWarrior that creates a 4 byte build count
resource in your Macintosh application. It’s specifically a post-linker
plugin, which is invoked after your application is linked. And everytime
you build your application, the 4 byte count resource will be incremented
by one.

You can download this hack^H^H^H^H tool from:

Of course, as this is a quick hack, I cannot guarentee that this won’t wipe
out your system, burn your apartment down, and cause your girlfriend to
leave you for an Windows 95 user.

Code released into public domain.

– Bill

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