MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Excel Software is offering software developers a free
trial version of its QuickCRC tool for object-oriented design. QuickCRC is
available for Macintosh and Windows 95/NT.

QuickCRC is a software design tool for discovering objects and related
information for an object-oriented software development project. The tool
automates the CRC card concept of identifying classes, responsibilities and
collaborations between objects. Developers can start designing software
within minutes with the intuitive capabilities of QuickCRC.

QuickCRC uses a diagram workspace for creating card and scenario objects. A
card represents the properties of a class including its name, description,
superclasses, subclasses, attributes, responsibilities and collaborating
objects. A scenario represents a design mechanism defined as a series of
steps involving communicating objects. Scenarios can reference cards or
other scenarios.

QuickCRC provides active simulation of an evolving design. It automatically
and transparently maintains relationships between cards and scenarios as
design changes are made. QuickCRC models can be exported to the MacA&D or
WinA&D software engineering tools for detailed design or code generation.

Likewise, MacTranslator and WinTranslator can be used to automatically
generate QuickCRC design models from existing C++, Object Pascal or Delphi

See and follow the links to get your free
trial version of QuickCRC. Excel Software products are also sold through

Excel Software, makers of the popular MacA&D and WinA&D products, has
provided software engineering tools to thousands of developers around the
world since 1986. MacA&D is the recognized leader in Macintosh CASE tools.
WinA&D is a similar, document compatible tool that runs on Windows 95/NT

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