For Immediate Release

ZCurve Software
8206 Rockville Road #280
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Visual MacStandardBasic to be released on Thursday, October 23rd.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: ZCurve Software has announced Visual MacStandardBasic is
scheduled for release on Thursday, October 23rd, 1997.

ZCurve Software also announced that Visual MacStandardBasic will be
available from DevDepot (800-622-3381 & Developer
Depot is a leader in providing software products to Macintosh users around
the world.

Visual MacStandardBasic has a suggested retail price of $ 99. Visual
MacStandardBasic will be sold at software retail stores and catalog

Users will also be able to purchase and download the complete Visual
MacStandardBasic package from the ZCurve Software website (
Currently, Macintosh users anywhere in the world can get MacStandardBasic
within minutes over the Internet.

Educational institutions can obtain site licenses by contacting ZCurve
Software. Information is available at the ZCurve website at
. Current licensees will be provided with free upgrades to Visual

Visual MacStandardBasic will be a free upgrade to owners of previous
versions MacStandardBasic. Visual MacStandardBasic and MacStandardBasic are
optimized for both Apple’s newer Power Macintosh computers and 68K
Macintosh models.

For more information about MacStandardBasic and Visual MacStandardBasic
visit the ZCurve Software website at or