From: Marin Saric (
Subject: Announce: METAL v1.0B2, a BASIC metacompiler

Galactic Dreams Software is annoucing a new version (v1.0B2) of its product
METAL. This version is released only a week after a previous one due to
high interest and a lot of positive feedback.

METAL is a BASIC metacompiler for a PowerMac with features such as:

– producing executables
– full on-line help
– a lot of examples
– very big palette of fast graphic functions
– sound playing (AIFF & AIFC files)
– speech
– file I/O

The following things are new in METAL v1.0B2:


– Added AppleEvent support
(Drag&Drop file(s), Open, Quit, Shutdown, etc.)
– Added “Get Pict Size” instruction for determining
the PICT file width and height.
– Added “Resize console” instruction for resizing
the METAL console window.
– Reduced the size of the archive to cca. 430K (was 990K).


** Removed the unnecessary “Speechlib” requirement.
(This was the most frequently reported problem, which also
caused some other problems to appear.)
– Fixed some NULL pointer/handle dereferencing in Runtime.
– Special case: GOTO exit from a FOR-NEXT loop in a
subroutine that was called from FOR-NEXT loop.
– Switched “getFrontClicks” to 0 in SIZE resource.
– If you Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear, file is now changed.

Thanks to all who have helped us with bug reports and useful suggestions.

METAL v1.0B2 is a non-crippled freeware product made by Galactic Dreams
Software. METAL can be obtained from
( and will be available on
Info-Mac archives.

METAL can be freely distributed on any CD-ROM, as long as distributed
entirely and without any modifications.

To find out more about METAL and our other products, visit our homepage at:

For any questions, contact: or
Marin Saric
A.T.Mimare 63
10000 Zagreb