Jasik Designs posted the latest versions of it’s product:
‘The Debugger & MacNosy’ on it’s ftp site.

It also e-mailed out notices to all registered users.

If you did NOT recieve an update notice from Jasik, then you should e-mail
Jasik at mailto:macnosy@jasik.com with you name, address and current e-mail

The update consists of the release notes, The Debugger, NosyII and a newer
xDbgr_Startup (better error messages).

This version of The Debugger is compatable with MacOS 8, and the recently
released ‘Speedbump’ Macintoshes and upcoming CHRP boxes.

As an important issue in the release notes, I comment on the unsuitablility
of Apple’s latest hardware, the Speedbump 8600 and 9600’s for use with my
Debugger in particular, and most any Debugger in general. The flaw is
rather serious, and even a logic analyzer ($30,000) won’t help you when one
of these machines freezes.

Steve Jasik Author of ‘The Debugger & MacNosy’
343 Trenton Way (http://www.jasik.com)
Menlo Park CA 94025 650-322-1386 Voice Only